Share Your Case Congress

Organizația Tinerilor Medici Dentiști

We have the honor to present the first edition of our: SHARE YOUR CASE CONGRESS!

The event is addressed to all young dentists but also to students and people interested in the field of dentistry. The Congress took place between the 11th and 13th of March 2021 and was organised by RYDA (Romanian Young Dentists’ Association).

The purpose of this Congress is a charitable one, our goal is to open 5 social offices and 5 development centers for young dentists, in which we will organize courses, workshops and trainings for young dentists. Patients who are social cases and who have a precarious financial situation will come to the social practices, and those who will work voluntarily for this cause are the young dentists who will enroll in our program.

The funds raised from the SYCC Congress will be invested in opening those dental offices.

The lectors who took part in SYCC 2021 are:

  • Dr. Carlos Eduardo Godoy – Brazil
  • Dr. Mehrdad Kazimian – Iran
  • Dr. Basel Azar – Cehia
  • Dr. Maxim Belograd – Ukraine
  • Dr. Florian Obădan – Romania
  • Dr. Irina Drăgan – USA
  • Dr. Bogdan Chiper – Romania
  • Dr. Olcai Bakar – Turkey
  • Dr. Mihaela Garabagiu – Romania
  • Dr. Radu Bulat – Romania
  • Dr. Johan Figueira – USA
  • Dr. Giacomo Dallari – Italy
  • Dr. Anca Vereanu – Romania